Support Process

  1. First, call (804) 452-4849 in order for us to establish a good understanding of the issue that you're having.
  2. Our support technician may be able to resolve your issue over the phone; however, if we need more access to your computer, we'll provide a support key for you.
  3. Navigate to and input your name and the support key that our technician provided you. This will initiate a GoToAssist session with our support technician, allowing them remote access to your computer.
    • This software is a cloud-based remote support program, part of the "GoTo" family of products created by Citrix.
    • GoToAssist is free of charge for your employees to use and completely secure, as any person can terminate the session when they feel it is necessary.
  4. Allow our technician to change any necessary Polaris settings, perform any Polaris updates, or simply instruct your users on how to perform an action with our software.
  5. We will close the session, ensure that any and all problems that your employees have experienced are resolved, and will give you timely updates to any problem that is in the process of being fixed.

Contact E-Mail:

Contact Phone: (804) 452-4849, option 1

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